Cast Rehearsal Notes

Wednesday, Last Dress Rehearsal Notes 5/10/17

Overall it went really well tonight! You have a good show! Now, partnering with me to fix what is on these notes will make it an awesome show! An unforgettable show!


  1. The CANDLE DANCE was really sloppy and once again more energy in this first church scene
  2. Important if you wear a mic: don't start talking right when you exit offstage. Emily needs a few seconds to turn your mic off.
  3. Family only during dinner scene...pick up your cues please
  4. Anyone in "Cold" scene...please have way more fun in this scene and tighten up dance moves
  5. Sing out and sing strong in all chorus numbers
  6. Chorus: the song that the children go through your was sloppy and no one knew what to do...must know when to line up across stage for leg par
  7. TOBY, CLARA, LYDIA: you are supposed to set the rocking chair and stool while Hunter is singing and get set so your scene can start right after AND HUNTER...breath support at the end of that song please

Children Chorus:

  1. Make sure you are always acting and not glassy eyed or zombie like ever. Have energy and emotion and liveliness in your face every moment you are onstage
  2. Blake is not in light in his special barn scene with Sierra and Sierra, it is your fault. Remember, I shifted you so he could shift and be in the right
  3. At the beginning of "Miracle" song keep chattering until time to sing...that is such a long intro to song and you're just standing there and waiting
  4. All kid soloists need to be much louder please

JDHS Chorus:


  1. Remember, work on Jesus Christ....Jesus part
  2. I just realized tonight...We have to put a tattoo on your neck!!! I will look for something tomorrow.
  3. After you tell them to shut up when the kids are ganging up on you "And the moral is" repetition right before "No Matter What", when you say "I don't know." That needs to be more upset and bitter sounding. You are really frustrated with them and yourself at that point.
  4. More solid breath support at end of "Not a Prayer"...falsetto part

Emily: listen to the sound effects and adjust volume when needed

Summer & Sian: Pull cyc curtain closed a little harder because the bottom isn't closing all the way

Jayden West: flashlight OFF on the word SHAME...pretty pretty please

Sunny: your lines you say, please enunciate and slow the beginning down

Jacob: Still need to pay for participation fee pretty please

Adele: It was much better, but keep working

Demetrio: Your hair is too much in your face * Don't sway back and forth when you sing...please * Surprised and disappointed when you find Swallow with Amos late at night

Dakota: All of your speaking lines need to be louder and enunciated. Couldn't hear you or understand most of what you said tonight.

Mirriam: Remember to work on specific "Cold" movement and choreography


  1. When you are in upper barn talking to Ed, he shadows your face. If you will lean forward toward front of that area, you should be in the light. Try and fix this please.
  2. When Jesus says to you..."I know you're the answer...blah can help me..." You don't show much subtext...What are you thinking when he says YOU are the answer...etc.

Toby: Please don't zone out onstage...100% character and subtext always on...make it as realistic as possible. Too many times you have a blank face that is just waiting for your next line to come alive. * In the first barn scene...must stand right next to Lydia so you are in the light please. * Please get angrier in rocking chair and more bitter


  1. Must say "And he hit you" with a different choice especially hitting the word "hit" more
  2. More thought into specific subtext during "Off Ramp Exit" hitting more operative words when you sing it verses just singing in one emotion. Actually listen to carefully and emote each phrase that you sing specifically.

Dylan: read below

  1. On your first entrance, you cannot enter the stage until the bike sound stops, and then give it a couple of seconds before you appear
  2. After your first scene, exit the same way you entered...have to go back to your bike
  3. The lines in Tire Tracks with Kayla are still not anywhere near where they should be...please do completely different choices and hit more operative words. Pretty please.
  4. When you are hiding and watching Swallow and the Man in the barn: actually watch them the whole time...don't look at the floor...see him ask her for a kiss and then see how she kisses him...I need subtext for all of that and more subtext for when he pulls out the gun...and of course you will first look surprised to see her with a man in her barn