Cast Rehearsal Notes

Wednesday, 2/6

  • EVERYONE look carefully down this whole page and look for your name
  • NEW and IMPORTANT....After Act 1 everyone just EXIT THE STAGE...CREW, I need you to set the blocks for the beginning of Act 2 & the props during just isn't working to have the actors make that set change right after Act 1
  • Friday's Schedule: 
    • Upstairs will be open by 3:45 
    • Dinner for EVERYONE: 5:00 
    • Mics ON and mic check onstage at 6:15 
    • circle at 6:30 with Mrs. Moore
    •  Curtain at 7:00 PM(will have full 15 minute intermission)
  • Saturday's Schedule (no meal served, but will have snacks out)
    • Come in through the shop
    • Will open at Noon
    • Mics ON and mic check onstage at 1:15
    • circle at 1:30 with Mrs. Moore
    • Curtain at 2 PM
  • Mr. Moore says make sure when you take your mic off, you place it back on the MIC table and not on other tables in the room
  • Make sure to turn off the really bright make-up mirror lights after everyone is ready...don't leave these on during the show please
  • Remember to wait for the full Blackout before you move or come onstage to do a scene change.
  • On crowd scenes when everyone is coming in like first time when Conrad comes onstage...everyone enter quicker please
  • Please wear shirts on Friday and ask to announce to each of your classes about the play...if you are excited about it, more of your peers will be excited about it
  • Have to be in all classes Friday
  • Next Wednesday's Dress Rehearsal has to be full dress with hair and make-up because photographer is coming to take the show pictures...SCHEDULE for next WEDNESDAY
    • Upstairs open at 3:45
    • DINNER @ 5 for everyone
    • mics on and mic check at 6:15
    • curtain @ 6:30 (only a 5 minute intermission for this dress rehearsal)
  • Again...Set block movers for MacAfee House...keep working on putting couch down correctly and the chair next to the couch...much better tonight, but some scenes it was a little off
  • CHORUS of 1 Last Kiss (TV SHOW) after you sing at the front of the stage and then move to the stairs, EVERYONE MUST LOOK AT AUDIENCE & shine out to them as you walk across stage toward the stairs
  • Maliki and Naomi and Arthur...please have more energy during the crowd scenes and guys are just standing there
  • Capri and Jia can' actually whisper during 1st Livin' to Do when you are sitting on the stairs because your mics are have to ACT like you are whispering, but don't really whisper

  • Up and down portion of choreography during Happy were off tonight.  Be sure you know when you go down/up, middle, down/up.  
  • Please get those Beginning Act 1 and Act 2 songs right....please
  • Energy was sooooo much better....keep it up

  • When you say SING to the teens during American Boy, please make that bigger...way too quiet
  • Weight of suitcases looked so much better EXCEPT for the end of the really lifted them too easily
  • SO MUCH BETTER!  YAY!  The only thing that still needs work is scene 1...still too low key in that scene overall
  • When you set the Sweet Apple Sign before the song "Lot of Livin", please make sure you take the old sign off
  • Please see me and ask me about cigarette...please
  • Please learn phone bit on stairs during Telephone hour
  • So MUCH BETTER on your lines and your energy...keep on keeping on
  • So MUCH BETTER in the Ed Sullivan song...exactly what I wanted...
  • The Gloria character you did tonight and the dance was perfection...please keep it
  • We have already talked: So great except for one speech, YAY!
  • I really need much more from you as the reporter...pushier and much louder
  • You're getting better, but still some awkward parts in Sincere (TV song MUCH better tonight and so is Livin')...continue to work on moving and snapping when not sure what to do.  Try and not feel awkward at all, let loose and have fun and BE a STAR
  • Please put your hair up.  It will make you look older.