Current Play Notes for Cast

Last FORUM Rehearsal Notes: Wednesday's Dress Rehearsal 1/25

Everyone read all the Whole Cast Notes carefully, and then look below those to see if you have your own special individual notes.  Take these seriously.  If you have questions, ask me.  See you at OPENING, Friday!

  • Everyone with lines...please go over them EVERYDAY!  Please!
  • EVERYONE Must work together to save show if someone forgets a have to be professional about this...AND it was scary because when that scary line problem happened at the end of the show, everyone's energy went down the cannot let anything ruin your hard work
  • You must stay focused and quiet during intermission...please be professional
  • Please don't turn off...stay energized and into the play the entire time...I see you when you zone eyes go right to you...there are moments in the play when you are absolutely FABULOUS...bring THAT to every single moment in the play
  • The entire first song doesn't come alive because you aren't vocalizing and ad-libbing during it.  This song really needs this all the way dead weird spaces.
  • EVERYONE WHO WEARS A MIC: This is so important...please read have to make sure your mic is all connected together very snuggly.  Then you cannot flail around during intermission and expect your mic to work Act 2...They are delicate mics..  
  • ALL LEADS: many lines are beginning to get garbled 
  • EVERYONE: Don't forget head turn bit at the beginning of Lydia's "Lovely"
  • Soldiers and crowd: need vocals during "rock, paper, scissor" bit
  • CROWD: ad lib and really help bring the play to life.  Many times the crowd is deathly silent and it feels weird.  Really get into your "street" character and pretend you are really in Edinburgh at the festival watching and participating...MAKE THE AUDIENCE BELIEVE YOU! 
  • ALL SOLOISTS at the end of the 1st song...really over enunciate....I cannot understand what any of you are saying.
  • PETER: During your little funny ballet part of 1st have to have facial expressions and subtext....your face is blank....
  • COURTESANS: The beauty pageant walking the runway part...Each girl needs to have a very unique little dance of your own...Besides, Allena, all the other girls are really looking too much the same....listen to the music and remember your descriptions and really go all out...this is supposed to be really funny and YOUR moment to shine.  And could be more cat like.
  • CITIZENS: MUCH BETTER accents...keep it up
  • KAYLA: Please remember to not just stand, but take two significant steps toward Ian for "You have nice legs too" part so that his cross behind Philia is more clear!
  • TAELYN: from stage you don't look dirty at all...much dirtier
  • Back table and chair group that hold up the "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON SIGNS" during Lydia's song!!!!  Please learn what you are supposed to hold them up BEFORE the song during her lines of Keep Calm, I'm calm, I'm calm...then put them down when she sings.  And DON"T pick them up anymore.  THE 2 SIDE GROUPS WHO HOLD UP SIGNS DURING THIS SONG DID AN EXCELLENT JOB!   
  • PETER & SIAN: Where are your skinny masks when you are with Erroneous.  I am asking mimes to give you these masks when they give you the Eunuch put them in Peters pocket until you use them.
  • WILLIAM: late for 3rd Freedom!
  • WILLIAM: for your 2nd Freedom, you didn't have your soldier mask have to have it on for this scene
  • WILLIAM: also for "Those are the mightiest thighs" solo, stand up on platform to sing that and then get back off platform proudly afterward...and don't LOOK at his thighs (don't look down) instead just gesture to his thighs and strongly and proudly look at audience
  • SUZANNE: I love your "pose" after Dylan tells you girls to strike vocational poses...very funny
  • JAYDEN W: Please remember to follow Dylan off after first scene of 2nd act
  • Be sure that you work to open the house signs farther and all the way...they are too closed up on those stands.
  • ???Where was Philia's mask!!!!???
  • Where are Sian & Peter's skinny masks??? Give them these masks at the same time you give them Eunuch masks.  
  • You guys are getting so cute and important now, which is what I really wanted...just continue to work together and have fun!  Go with your more with leads and add to "story"
  • Please remember and be on the platform for the captain might arrive this way, or that way, etc.
  • Please remember to do knock (3 times) is really funny...I also told Kate about it today and so now she knows
  • Please remember sitting on stage looking at Dylan for the ingredients for potion part: remember to hold up 1 finger for first ingredient and 2 fingers for 2nd ingredient.  
  • Jayden R & Lydia, there are a few moments where you drop your character and zone out...please please please try and stay plugged in every single moment
  • All of you MUST remember your individual "Calm" sign bits
  • ACCENT...the entire time...even in the songs
  • Remember to look at the real audience the entire time you first sing "Why did he look at her that way?"
  • At the end of your solo as you are coming across the front of the stage, look at audience the entire time
  • You have gotten really screechy and whiney with your character during the chase scene.  Don't let her cry ever.  She is strong and means what she says....she would never cry or whine.  
  • Mirriam & Lydia: you are both innocent when you are talking about entertaining hundreds of shouldn't play it like you understand the dirty joke of should play it like she gave an innocent party which is what she did
  • I can't understand you anymore "I know what goes on in there" (part of screechy problem listed above in your notes)
  • Great job!  

  • Your solo up on acting blocks, please direct this full on at the were singing to the wall 
  • You have kind of lost your character in have gotten way to screechy and winey in too many places...please get a stronger Lycus back...
  • The few you had, I gave to you in person
  • you kept dropping your need it the entire time...even when you sing!
  • Your character with the mask in the play is too young.  You have to play him old.  Please...funny walk, make him a little bent...etc. ASK ME TO SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN, please.
  • Quinn, you have to know your first Maid song so well.  Please!
  • Slow down on Pirate line...went way too fast
  • Don't fight Dylan when he covers your ears please...just look confused
  • Don't forget what we discussed in person
  • Please learn the words to the funeral song...and enunciate them
  • You were late after Dylan with 2 soldiers scroll scene
  • You were laying too far stage left when curtain opened after intermission
  • Lydia & Mirriam: you are both innocent when you are talking about entertaining hundreds of shouldn't play it like you understand the dirty joke of should play it like she gave an innocent party which is what she did
  • The word is "besmirch"  you said something weird this time "besmirch the honor of my family"
  • Can you add any kind of fun sparkly bands, etc. something that is at the nobs of your hair?
  • When you lie down to be the dead bride for the funeral, you must cover your face with the veil...he cannot see your face
  • Clearer at end when you tell "Erroneous, he is talking to me...I am not a virgin" That whole bit was weird this time
  • 1st Song Notes:
    • We MUST work on first little Vaudeville back kick/front kick thingy...AND look at audience with both of them
    • This song you need to characterize AND control AND shine just like you do in the last song of the play...the last song you are golden, this first song has to be just as golden and in the same force of confidence
    • REMIND ME: We are adding something with you on rock before you sit criss/cross apple sauce on it
    • REMIND ME: To discuss "We are all comedy players part of 1st song."
    • REMIND ME: You, me, & Matthew are working on your little dance portion of this song
    • This song is extremely physically demanding on you....there are too many times when I see you drop your character and look tired...I know this is hard, but you can do this.
  • Bigger NO in free overtime please (after you dip Ian)
  • During Free, when you are going around platform "Psuedolus Move Mountain" part...use your upstage hand please oh please
  • The scene after you come back onstage having found the mare's sweat and you see that Quinn is are not worried or concerned about that...your character should be...HE SHOULD NOT BE THERE!  He is going to mess everything up, etc.  
  • I LOVED your little playful bit with side crowd right before your Soothsayer part...keep that
  • Please don't say "Frikin'" for anything even close to the F-word please
  • Please don't break character when you think you are funny, please
  • Why weren't you wearing your dress?
  • make light cue beginning with open curtain a LONGER cue