Don't Miss JDHS Theatre Production's Spring Musical Sensation!

The Show Description (taken from

Lyrics by Jim Steinman
Whistle Down the Wind revolves around the time and place where the word teenager was invented. Swallow, a 15 year-old-girl growing up in America’s deep South in the fifties, discovers a mysterious man hiding out in a barn. When she asks who he is and the first words he utters are “Jesus Christ,” it’s as if all her prayers have been answered.
Swallow and the town’s other children vow to protect the stranger from the world that waits outside—the townspeople who are determined to catch a fugitive hiding in their midst. As fantasy and reality collide, Swallow is torn between the two and begins to discover who she is and where she is going.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s emotive score combines hauntingly beautiful love songs and explosive rock music, with lyrics by acclaimed Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler songwriter Jim Steinman. It features “No Matter What,” which was covered by Boyzone, hitting number one in 18 countries.
Whistle Down the Wind contrasts the relentless influence of the modern world with the traditional values of the old days—something which the community at its heart yearns to return to. The show is a great choice for secondary/high schools and programs with a broad talent pool of young performers.
Based on the original novel by Mary Hayley Bell and the film produced by Richard Attenborough, directed by Bryan Forbes from a screenplay by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. With book by Patricia Knop, Gale Edwards and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Orchestrations by David Cullen & Andrew Lloyd Webber.

JDHS spring musical is an important event the community will not want to miss.  The JDHS theatre department has partnered with both Thunder Mountain High School’s band (under the direction of Brian VanKirk) and Alaska Youth Choir (under the direction of Richard Moore) to bring this emotional and endearing musical masterpiece of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Whistle Down the Wind to the Juneau Community.  

Another special part of this production is that JDHS alumni were offered an opportunity to come back and be a part of this musical, if they so chose.  One special guest artist who graduated with his Master’s in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory and who was also an alumnus of JDHS music and theatre programs is Aaron Badilla.  Aaron will play the part of the escaped convict who hides in one of the community’s barns and pretends to be Jesus so the children will not turn him in.  

Shanae’a Moore, who is also a JDHS theatre and music alumna and graduated from Sam Houston University with a BFA in Musical Theatre and is a professional actress in Houston, Texas, designed the set for our production and was a production consultant (she performed as Swallow in this musical at a professional theatre in Houston, TX...Queensbury Theatre).  

Also, present JDHS theatre and music students Lydia Smith and Dylan Rice have been exceptional assistant directors each in charge of various aspects of the play.  Both consult with me and help direct blocking and character work to the cast.  Lydia has choreographed the country and western dance and the candle dance in the production, while Dylan has designed the bar scene set, designed the props, painted and built the bar scene set, and is also wearing the hat of stage manager.  

Bo Anderson who is in charge of the JDHS and TMHS auditoriums has built the huge barn portion of the set.  

It has been a sheer blessing to work with all of these special and exciting people and this is one musical that Juneau will not want to miss.