Upcoming Play Auditions!!!!

What: M*A*S*H!
When: TUESDAY, Sept. 5th (5:30-9:00 PM)
Where: Theatre Studio (Mrs. Moore's Classroom)
How: Come ready to read scenes from the show!

*Come by Mrs. Moore's room to pick up rehearsal schedules! Or click HERE to see rehearsal schedule.

List of Roles
(F=Female; M=Male)

General Hamilton Hartington Hammond (M)
Pvt. Boone (M)
Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake (M)
Captain Bridget McCarthy (F)
Lt. Janice Fury (F)
Sergeant Devine (M)
Lt. Louise Kimble (F)
Captain Frank Burns (M)
Father John Patrick Mulcahy (M)
Captain John (Trapper) McIntyre (M)
Captain John (Ugly) Black (M)
Corporal (Radar) Reilly (M)
Captain Benjamin Franklin (Hawkeye) Pierce (M)
Klinger (M)
Captain Augustus Bedford (Duke) Forrest (M)
Ho-Jon (M)
Pvt. Lopez (M)
Korean Woman #1 (F)
Korean Woman #2 (F)
Lt. Nancy Phillips (F)
Major Margaret Houlihan (F)
Congresswoman Goldfarb (F)
Dean Mercy Lodge (F)
Miss Randazzle (F)
Mitzi Bonwit (F)
Fritzi Bonwit (F)
Agnes Bonwit (F)
Lt. Connie Liebowitz (F)
Captain Oliver Wendell (Spearchucker) Jones (M)
Major Ruth Haskell (F)