Call Back List for Seven Brides & Seven Brothers

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! We have already cast Milly & Adam and will not be calling back for those roles.  Also, we have cast the awesome Town Adult Characters who have speaking and solo parts and will NOT be calling back for those roles.  We have cast half of the SUITOR roles (the town boys who are dating the girls) so...

The ONLY roles we are calling back for are for the 6 brother roles and the 6 bride roles.

Please check back tomorrow night (Wednesday) by 10 PM to see what awesome part you have gotten.  Mr. Moore, Mr. Grant, and I are so excited!  This is going to be a great musical!

If your name is on the list below, please come to the choir room tomorrow (Wednesday) from 5:30-8:00 PM!

Called Back for the Brothers: 

Marcellin Niset
Chris Talley
Dylan Rice
Joshua Rivers
Malcolm Lumba
Ian Scholl
Quinn Gentili
Hunter Hill

Called Back for the Brides:

Clare Boily
Kamy Hamrick
Bethany Bibb
Mirriam Meredith
Suzanne Nierra
Norah Lynch
Keely Ewing
Helaina Willis
Molly York