Props, Sets, Other Request

ALL CAST: $30 for costumes. Make checks payable to "JDHS DRAMA".

If you have any of the following items to lend JDHS Theater for the play, please let Mrs. Moore know.
Mark our items with some identification if possible and keep track so they can be returned at the end of the production.
Thank You for helping!

            *Art sketch book (would be great if it was used so he looked like a real artist)

*Big coffee table like art book (with pictures of lots of art in it)

*spiral notebook (again used with some blank pages would be great)

*ball point pens that we used in the 80's (the plain see through big with pointy caps)

*little girl bicycle with basket on it. The girlyer, the better - may have this Smiths checking

*a desk telephone that would have been used in the 1980's

*Large yellow pages phone book (from bigger city then Juneau--ask friends, look at flea markets, etc. This is a very important prop. We really need this.

*intercom--it doesn't have to work: also an old larger phone message machine would work for this (the kind that used to hold the cassette tapes)

*10 larger flashlights with fresh batteries

* big industrial fan-- REALLY IMPORTANT--must work

*pogo stick (oh I hope someone has something like this)

*fat, big rope - may have this

*all wooden ladder that we can cut to size: wouldn't get this prop back, but it is for an important, very funny bit

* Pay Phone, like you’d find in a booth.  So far NO luck finding this.  Anyone???