Click link below to transfer to automated signup sheet.  Double click in open slot and type in your name.  Press ENTER.  No need to further "save" edits.  Just close sheet when done. 

Link for Meal Sign-up Sheet

All food must be at the high school by 4:50P. Dinner is 5:00PM - 5:30PM – no exceptions.
Please avoid peanuts or mark any items containing these items. If possible, it’s nice to have a vegetarian option for the main dish in addition to a regular option.

All food must arrive ready to serve and preferably with serving utensils. There are no prep facilities and there is no refrigeration available. If food/drinks require refrigeration and are being dropped off ahead of time, please bring it in a cooler with ice. There are electrical plugins for crock pots, etc. to keep food warm.

-        one volunteer each night is needed to come in 4:45 – 5:45 and help set up and clean up the meal.  This involves putting plates, utensils, napkins out and getting the food items set out on the tables.  Then putting these items back after the meal.  There is a sign-up for this on the sheet. 

-          Please deliver food items ready to serve.  If serving utensils are required, please provide these. 

-        Please arrange to have left-over food items picked up or brought home by your student that same night.  There is no storage for food items in the Theatre department.