Glimpses Into Recent Production

Mrs. Moore's Office where her actors/actresses find respite fro the stress of the productions.

The raised floor for the plant shop. The first of the Little Shop of Horrors set to be built and painted.

Shanae'a Moore and Zoey Wilson choreographing the dances that will be used in the Little Shop of Horrors show.

Mrs. Moore watching over Lucas's work. "Arrrrg. Work that drill. Move it. Move it."

Funny Lucas had to crawl all under the raised floor to make it secure so the actors wouldn't stumble or fall.

Is this a show about a man eating plant or about a man eating set?

Above, Lucas built one of the pots for our plant puppet to come alive in, and
below is a picture of one of the big plant puppets being built for our upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors opening October 16th!