The Cast List for...
Imaginary Invalid 

If your name is on the list, parent/student meeting tomorrow (Tues, Feb. 25th @ 5:30 & then read through from 6-9 PM).

Argon: Kyle Short
Beline: Brita Fagerstrom
Mon. De Bonnefoi: Jared Vance
Toinette: Megan Wright (also solo song)
Beralde: Liam Porter-Bell
Angelique: Lydia Smith (also duet song w/ Robert)
Cleante: Robert Newman (also duet song w/ Lydia)
Mrs. Diafoirus: Abigail Hoy
Thomas: Malcolm Lumba
Louison: Demaris Oxman
Guy: Quinn White (also Solo song)
Fleurant: Chris Talley
Dr. Purgon: Marina McDowell (also solo song)
Sign Language Voice Over: Matthew Woodland (also Prop & Set Master)
Minions: Melissa Paradis & Lily Deitz