Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Cast List!!!

Congratulations! I am so excited!

*Please be with your parent at the parent/student meeting Monday Night (Nov. 9th) at 7:00 PM and then we will have our 1st rehearsal where we read and sing through the entire show from 7:30-10:00.  (Even though there is no school, we will still have rehearsals.)

Milly: Lydia Smith
Adam: Jared Vance

Gideon: Marcellin Niset
Benjamin: Hunter Hill
Caleb: Dylan Rice
Daniel: Ian Scholl
Ephraim: Josh Rivers
Frank: Chris Talley

Alice: Mirriam Meredith
Dorcas: Kamy Hamrick
Ruth: Bethany Bibb
Liza: Suzanne Nierra
Martha: Molly York
Sarah: Keely Ewing

JEB: Brandon Hard
NATHAN: Phoenix Williams
LUKE: Kevin Garcia
MATT: Summer Putman
JOEL: Demetrio Cabrigas Lumba
ZEKE: William Tolles

Mr. Hoallum: Peter Sidmore
Mrs. Hoallum: Kate Bergey
Mr. Sander: Quinn Gentili
Mrs. Sander: Gillian Smith
Preacher: Malcolm Lumba
Tween 1: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Alana Paul
Tween 2: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Leah Bibb
Tween 3: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Lily Otsea
Tween 4: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Cagney Ramirez
Tween 5: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Kyra Barrows
Tween 6: (also Milly’s shadow dancers) Lily Goebel
Librarian: Jasmine Stanturf
Teacher: Nora Lynch
Post Master: Helaina Willis
Doctor: (and Costume Master) Clare Boily
Widow 1: Sydney Thomas
Gossip 1: Lena Okasha
Gossip 2:Lilly Deitz
Gossip 3: Nelli Wayne
Gossip 4: Bailey Tagaban
Gossip 5: Allena Valentine
Sheriff: Jordan Busch

Deputy: Jaired Kohler